iLove Update

Well, I fell of the writing wagon when life got busy, but I'm back!

I miss Six Sentence Sunday, but I participated in an 8 hour NaNoWriMo marathon yesterday and also realized CampNaNoWriMo started this month so I joined that today.

It's already halfway through the month, but my goal is to hit 25,000 words by the end.

Here's an excerpt from iLove!

Waking up frustrated and hungry sent Beth straight into a hot shower to clear her head.  The hot water pounded down on her, soaking her scalp and streaming down her body.  Thoughts of the handsome professor drifting through her mind, Beth gazed down at herself, wondering if she could really attract him.  Her figure was short and curvy in a 50's bombshell fashion, popular then but now mainstream society deemed her overweight and chubby since her stomach wasn't concave or at least flat.  Her wardrobe was just as confused, the feminine side of her loving brightly colored sweater sets, pearls, pencil skirts and heels to emphasize her figure, while her shy and self-conscious side preferred funny t-shirts, comfy jeans and flats.  So far she'd only worn the t-shirts and jeans on campus, because she was either concentrating on her work or was to nervous to see if she could catch Dr. Green's eye when she was making an effort.