iLove Update

Well, I fell of the writing wagon when life got busy, but I'm back!

I miss Six Sentence Sunday, but I participated in an 8 hour NaNoWriMo marathon yesterday and also realized CampNaNoWriMo started this month so I joined that today.

It's already halfway through the month, but my goal is to hit 25,000 words by the end.

Here's an excerpt from iLove!

Waking up frustrated and hungry sent Beth straight into a hot shower to clear her head.  The hot water pounded down on her, soaking her scalp and streaming down her body.  Thoughts of the handsome professor drifting through her mind, Beth gazed down at herself, wondering if she could really attract him.  Her figure was short and curvy in a 50's bombshell fashion, popular then but now mainstream society deemed her overweight and chubby since her stomach wasn't concave or at least flat.  Her wardrobe was just as confused, the feminine side of her loving brightly colored sweater sets, pearls, pencil skirts and heels to emphasize her figure, while her shy and self-conscious side preferred funny t-shirts, comfy jeans and flats.  So far she'd only worn the t-shirts and jeans on campus, because she was either concentrating on her work or was to nervous to see if she could catch Dr. Green's eye when she was making an effort.

Six Sentence Sunday 6/17/2012

Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday entry!

Today I offer up six sentences from an in-progress novella about a female archaelogist who goes on a site in Turkey and digs up a gorgeous Greek hunk!

She stepped on a medium-sized rock without testing it first and it tilted to the left, taking her foot with it into the lee of a larger rock.  A sudden stab of pain confirmed it, she'd twisted her ankle!  Leaning on the olive branch, Sarah tried to pull her foot out of the hole, but it stuck fast. Growing worried, she tugged harder, supporting her weight with the stick and leaning back.  The sudden shift of rock and release of her foot left her reeling backwards.  Scrabbling at the surrounding rocks, Sarah fell back, her shoulders striking a shadowed section of the cliff face, then fell further as the layers of dirt and loose shale rock dissolved in a spray. 

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One of my FAVORITE Romance Authors - Teresa Medeiros

I am hard at work on one short story, and still pecking away at a novella in my spare time, so I am not really blogging about anything lately.

I thought in the meantime, I'd share with you a brief passage from one of my favorite romance authors, Teresa Medeiros.  This is from her book Charming the Prince and if you like well-written romance with great plots, humor and a writing style that doesn't just paint pictures, it builds entire fairytale castles and peoples them and weaves a whole tapestry, then I suggest you read her books!

Had he seized her lips as roughly as he had seized her hands, she might have been able to resist him. But his mouth closed over hers with such unspeakable tenderness, she feared she might already be dreaming. A kiss so enchanting should have broken every curse, granted every wish, given even the saddest story a happy ending. As he explored the moist warmth of her mouth with his tongue, Willow knew she would not die a dried-up old virgin. When she lay upon her hard, narrow cot in the convent, gazing out the window at the falling snow and dreaming of this moment, her body would weep for him just as it was weeping now.

Horny Hump Day 5/30/2012

Welcome to my third Horny Hump Day offering. This is from a lesbian vampire erotica short published on Amazon. It's called 'The Velvet Edge' .

The music had a heavy, throbbing beat and the couples on the floor writhed slowly in twos and threes, fingers trailing along skin, bodies rubbing against each other in reckless abandon.  She guided Lise into the rhythm of the dance, the alcohol in the girl's bloodstream helping her to relax and let go.  Moving in close against Lise's back, She nuzzled along her neck and shoulder, licking at the salt on her skin.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/27/2012

Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday entry!

Today I offer up six more sentences from an in-progress short story (iLove) I am writing for the Mad Scientist anthology for Circlet Press.   Beth has a crush on her Cognitive Behavior professor and is applying for a position as his lab assistant on a research project.

"I know on paper I'm highly qualified,  I'm probably even the best candidate.  But how on earth do I talk to him without sounding like a complete idiot?  If he even looks straight at me, I think I'll be too bedazzled to remember my name!"   Grinning, Claire pointed the spoon at Beth, saying, "Well definitely don't do what they usually say to do for nervousness!  If you try imagining him naked you'll probably faint!"  Of course, the instant the words were out of her roommate's mouth, Beth immediately started picturing what the tall, lean professor would look like stripped of his usual labcoat, dress shirt and jeans. 

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Horny Hump Day Blog Hop 5/23

Welcome to my second Horny Hump Day offering, also from my WIP 'The Hand Maid'.

When she opened at his touch, he tilted his head, slanting his mouth across hers and deepening the kiss, his tongue sweeping in to tangle with hers in an intense, heated battle.  He tasted of sunlight and honey mingled with smoky whiskey.  Her stomach filled with an aching fire that melted at the same instant, spreading to her limbs in a heavy golden, tingling rush.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/20/12

Welcome to my second Six Sentence Sunday entry!

Today I offer up six sentences from an in-progress short story (iLove) I am writing for the Mad Scientist anthology for Circlet Press.  Currently I have a contest open to rename Beth in the story, as well as an optional physical description.

Heading to the lecture hall entrance, she slowed her steps just enough that she wouldn't loudly bang into the room.  She wanted the professor's attention, but not by looking like an idiot!  Beth slipped through the doors and slid quietly into the first available seat she saw, her gaze riveted on Dr. Green.  The professor was pacing before the students, dragging one hand through his thick, disheveled chestnut hair and talking about a project that he needed volunteers for.  Beth sat straight up in her seat, her pen poised over a notepad ready to capture every detail.  This was her chance!

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