Mad Science is Sexy!

I saw a Call for Submissions on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association email list.

It's for short stories for an anthology about Mad Scientists.  I know I have several projects already in progress, as well as more plotlines on the backburner just waiting their turn, but it is too tempting not to try my hand at this... in the last 10 minutes the germ of an idea grew, twisted, changed main characters and started growing into an actual plot with lots of sex and comical situations.

I have to admit.. when I've been single and bored I have posted personals ads before, along the lines of 'Writer Girl seeks Mad Scientist'!  It's amazing who you meet... I dated a rocket scientist who worked for NASA and the Navy (he was cute but had way too much baggage) and another scientist with multiple PhDs, an IQ of 200 and his own biofuels company (he was a strict vegan with mild asperger's and we had difficulty communicating, as well as my craving for sushi... I was vegetarian for 3 yrs but couldn't do vegan, so I fell off the wagon and now happily have fish, chicken, turkey and beef back in my diet, in moderate quantities. I am a conscientious eater).

But I digress! The point was that I have always been fascinated by Mad Scientists... probably ever since Danny Elfman, with his shock of red hair and that wicked, enticing grin he would flash, crooned 'Weird Science' when I was young and impressionable.  Hmm... now I know how the lead male char in the story will look!  My tribute to Danny Elfman <wicked grin>. (The picture doesn't have quite the energy or wickedness exhibited when he's in motion... click the Danny Elfman link to see him in a music video of Weird Science and you'll get a glimpse of that grin!)

The cat is fed, the mama squirrel is fed (she comes to my front window and stares in at me until I go put peanuts on my porch railing for her), I have water, chocolate (Dove dark chocolate & almond!) and got my iTunes playlist on... time to write 5000 words mixing sex, mad scientists and 80s music!


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