Six Sentence Sunday 5/13/12

My first Six Sentence Sunday!
This is from a work in progress:

Leaning forward over the bed, Alice made wide sweeping motions with her hands to smooth out the wrinkles from the satin coverlet.  She sensed a presence behind her at the same moment a large hand spread across the middle of her back, pushing her down onto the bed.  The plush bedding muffled her surprised gasp when a second hand began rubbing up the back of her thigh, pushing her starched black skirts before it and exposing her bottom to the room's sunlight-heated air.  The hand on Alice's back remained, holding her down firmly but not in a punishing manner.  For a moment she held still but tensed, too frightened to struggle.  Then he called out to someone in the hallway and she recognized his voice, the warm, deep timbre of Lord Roark soothing her.

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