Horny Hump Day 5/30/2012

Welcome to my third Horny Hump Day offering. This is from a lesbian vampire erotica short published on Amazon. It's called 'The Velvet Edge' .

The music had a heavy, throbbing beat and the couples on the floor writhed slowly in twos and threes, fingers trailing along skin, bodies rubbing against each other in reckless abandon.  She guided Lise into the rhythm of the dance, the alcohol in the girl's bloodstream helping her to relax and let go.  Moving in close against Lise's back, She nuzzled along her neck and shoulder, licking at the salt on her skin.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/27/2012

Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday entry!

Today I offer up six more sentences from an in-progress short story (iLove) I am writing for the Mad Scientist anthology for Circlet Press.   Beth has a crush on her Cognitive Behavior professor and is applying for a position as his lab assistant on a research project.

"I know on paper I'm highly qualified,  I'm probably even the best candidate.  But how on earth do I talk to him without sounding like a complete idiot?  If he even looks straight at me, I think I'll be too bedazzled to remember my name!"   Grinning, Claire pointed the spoon at Beth, saying, "Well definitely don't do what they usually say to do for nervousness!  If you try imagining him naked you'll probably faint!"  Of course, the instant the words were out of her roommate's mouth, Beth immediately started picturing what the tall, lean professor would look like stripped of his usual labcoat, dress shirt and jeans. 

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Horny Hump Day Blog Hop 5/23

Welcome to my second Horny Hump Day offering, also from my WIP 'The Hand Maid'.

When she opened at his touch, he tilted his head, slanting his mouth across hers and deepening the kiss, his tongue sweeping in to tangle with hers in an intense, heated battle.  He tasted of sunlight and honey mingled with smoky whiskey.  Her stomach filled with an aching fire that melted at the same instant, spreading to her limbs in a heavy golden, tingling rush.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/20/12

Welcome to my second Six Sentence Sunday entry!

Today I offer up six sentences from an in-progress short story (iLove) I am writing for the Mad Scientist anthology for Circlet Press.  Currently I have a contest open to rename Beth in the story, as well as an optional physical description.

Heading to the lecture hall entrance, she slowed her steps just enough that she wouldn't loudly bang into the room.  She wanted the professor's attention, but not by looking like an idiot!  Beth slipped through the doors and slid quietly into the first available seat she saw, her gaze riveted on Dr. Green.  The professor was pacing before the students, dragging one hand through his thick, disheveled chestnut hair and talking about a project that he needed volunteers for.  Beth sat straight up in her seat, her pen poised over a notepad ready to capture every detail.  This was her chance!

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Sunday Snippets 5/20/12

Red Lipstick Diaries Sunday Snippets Blog Hop

I haven't done a Sunday Snippet before so I'm not sure what's expected or what the rules are... Here's a snippet from my in-progress Hand Maid tale!

With a low groan, he stepped towards her and framed her jaw between his large, warm hands, tilting her face up.  Alice's eyes fluttered closed as his mouth touched hers.  The kiss was gentle, a tender press of lips, then he traced his tongue along the seam of her closed lips.

Name That Character Contest!

So I am working on the short story for the Mad Scientist Anthology and figured I'd let the readers name the female lead!  She's a student working on her Masters and she has a HUGE crush on this professor and she lands a chance to be his research assistant on a project.

Submit a name here on my blog in a comment to this post (you can also throw in what you think her physical description should be since she's a blank canvas at the moment!). I'll leave this open for 5 days and then announce the winner.  The winner gets a free digital version of the story and first chance at naming a char in my next work, too! (and if I REALLY love the name, I'll mail you some yummy pumpkin bread!)

Mad Science is Sexy!

I saw a Call for Submissions on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association email list.

It's for short stories for an anthology about Mad Scientists.  I know I have several projects already in progress, as well as more plotlines on the backburner just waiting their turn, but it is too tempting not to try my hand at this... in the last 10 minutes the germ of an idea grew, twisted, changed main characters and started growing into an actual plot with lots of sex and comical situations.

I have to admit.. when I've been single and bored I have posted personals ads before, along the lines of 'Writer Girl seeks Mad Scientist'!  It's amazing who you meet... I dated a rocket scientist who worked for NASA and the Navy (he was cute but had way too much baggage) and another scientist with multiple PhDs, an IQ of 200 and his own biofuels company (he was a strict vegan with mild asperger's and we had difficulty communicating, as well as my craving for sushi... I was vegetarian for 3 yrs but couldn't do vegan, so I fell off the wagon and now happily have fish, chicken, turkey and beef back in my diet, in moderate quantities. I am a conscientious eater).

But I digress! The point was that I have always been fascinated by Mad Scientists... probably ever since Danny Elfman, with his shock of red hair and that wicked, enticing grin he would flash, crooned 'Weird Science' when I was young and impressionable.  Hmm... now I know how the lead male char in the story will look!  My tribute to Danny Elfman <wicked grin>. (The picture doesn't have quite the energy or wickedness exhibited when he's in motion... click the Danny Elfman link to see him in a music video of Weird Science and you'll get a glimpse of that grin!)

The cat is fed, the mama squirrel is fed (she comes to my front window and stares in at me until I go put peanuts on my porch railing for her), I have water, chocolate (Dove dark chocolate & almond!) and got my iTunes playlist on... time to write 5000 words mixing sex, mad scientists and 80s music!


Horny Hump Day Blog Hop 5/16

Here's my very first Horny Hump Day submission... 3 sentences from my current project, The Hand Maid:

That small bit of pain mixed with the feeling of Lord Roark's mouth now pressing hot, wet kisses across her sensitive flesh, the feel of his tongue sliding along the crease under each buttock driving her wild.  Alice gasped and wiggled against the bed, closing her eyes and focusing all of her attention on tactile sensation.  Her skin felt over-sensitized, from the pulsing soreness of her ass to the satin under her cheek and even the very air that whispered across her aching flesh.

Blog Makeover

So I want to revamp the blog, and I really would love some input... something other than my own opinions LOL.

This blog is definitely a place where I will write about the various stories and projects I am working on, but also a place for articles about sex, both in general and in particular, depending on the topic.

I've spent the last 20 years researching sex, everything from the emotional aspects to the physical mechanics (read Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex), from Eastern techniques (Tantra, Kama Sutra ), and have dabbled or delved into a wide variety of fetishes and kinks, in search of the Big O and inner peace.

Did you know the Buddha said Nirvana could be found in orgasm?

There are two kinds of tantra!

Homosexual behavior has been documented in animals!

In the past I have written advice columns and even considered a sex podcast, but right now I am trying to concentrate on my writing, so I think I'd like to work on building up this blog (as well as the storylines I am currently involved in) and will devote myself to writing here, about writing, romance, erotica and the big O!

The look of this blog should be something that.. frames those subjects well... my tastes are varied and while I really do love some of the shabby chic, environmental-themed or just pretty butterfly blog themes I've browsed, I know that different aspects of my personality can be in conflict, and maybe those themes don't go well with THIS blog, which is why I am requesting your help!

These links are to the backgrounds I am considering... please vote for your favorites!

Love Letter

I Wonder

Love You

Flutter By

Red Velvet

Power of Love

Darling Butterfly

Strawberry Mint


Two Hearts


Six Sentence Sunday 5/13/12

My first Six Sentence Sunday!
This is from a work in progress:

Leaning forward over the bed, Alice made wide sweeping motions with her hands to smooth out the wrinkles from the satin coverlet.  She sensed a presence behind her at the same moment a large hand spread across the middle of her back, pushing her down onto the bed.  The plush bedding muffled her surprised gasp when a second hand began rubbing up the back of her thigh, pushing her starched black skirts before it and exposing her bottom to the room's sunlight-heated air.  The hand on Alice's back remained, holding her down firmly but not in a punishing manner.  For a moment she held still but tensed, too frightened to struggle.  Then he called out to someone in the hallway and she recognized his voice, the warm, deep timbre of Lord Roark soothing her.

The Velvet Edge - Free on Amazon 5/13/12

To celebrate my starting a new blog, my short story 'The Velvet Edge' available on Amazon will be free for 24 hours (Sunday, May 13th).

The Velvet Edge is a very short (6 pages), heavily erotic story about a female vampire who goes out for a bite and finds more than she expected.  It features lesbian eroticism and sex and a brief glimpse into the mind of an old soul.

It is one of my VERY early works, and while I still love it and am happy to share it, I definitely think my current and future work shows how much I, and my writing, have grown.

I'd love to hear comments from anyone who reads it!