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So I want to revamp the blog, and I really would love some input... something other than my own opinions LOL.

This blog is definitely a place where I will write about the various stories and projects I am working on, but also a place for articles about sex, both in general and in particular, depending on the topic.

I've spent the last 20 years researching sex, everything from the emotional aspects to the physical mechanics (read Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex), from Eastern techniques (Tantra, Kama Sutra ), and have dabbled or delved into a wide variety of fetishes and kinks, in search of the Big O and inner peace.

Did you know the Buddha said Nirvana could be found in orgasm?

There are two kinds of tantra!

Homosexual behavior has been documented in animals!

In the past I have written advice columns and even considered a sex podcast, but right now I am trying to concentrate on my writing, so I think I'd like to work on building up this blog (as well as the storylines I am currently involved in) and will devote myself to writing here, about writing, romance, erotica and the big O!

The look of this blog should be something that.. frames those subjects well... my tastes are varied and while I really do love some of the shabby chic, environmental-themed or just pretty butterfly blog themes I've browsed, I know that different aspects of my personality can be in conflict, and maybe those themes don't go well with THIS blog, which is why I am requesting your help!

These links are to the backgrounds I am considering... please vote for your favorites!

Love Letter

I Wonder

Love You

Flutter By

Red Velvet

Power of Love

Darling Butterfly

Strawberry Mint


Two Hearts


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